Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some motivation for the lazy!

Being a creature blessed with extraordinary laziness and one having an ability to be indifferent to it is awesome. There's a plethora of things that you can do. You can sit at one place and enjoy watching -the walls, the spiders if any, the spider's dilemma to choose between the delicious house fly and the good-looking mosquito, those soft, semi-transparent lizards setting world records for tongue speed(beating all the frogs on earth :P). You can think about your neighboring country’s nuclear weapon arsenal and world peace at the same time, you can watch cookery shows on television, you can feel like a retired man chilling out with ice-cream bowls everyday and what not? Yes, there’s a strange fun in being at one place! You can feel like the Buddha- stable and focused! Don’t you think it takes some focus to observe organisms like that? :P
If you find these things a bit non-involving for the body, I can also suggest you some tangible stuff. When you are at one place, you can learn the art of building belly-fat! Feel blessed to be not moving. Assume danger in any motion. Just sit there. Lie there! Just keep working your fingers around your waist and feel the fluffy, spongy stuff! Why does everyone always think of muscles? After all, fat is also a ‘biological’ element. We respect anything related with that adjective, don't we! Who knows; some day being fat may become fashionable! You will need the experience then!
People say that one should look for opportunities every time. So, I took this opportunity to guide all of you there to just looooooooove your laziness! To not feel guilty about the ‘sit-and-do-nothing’ phases in life! I do have more ideas but I can’t share all of them together. Sparing some of them for laziness’ sake!


  1. dude its too long..
    i've saved it

    will read at home...

    n believe me u r abbriviate.....

  2. that's fine. . .
    i'll need you to tell me what you mean by that. . .