Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally, I have a blog!

Hey fellas, it's the same cat and mouse game. They say good people blog. Intelligent people blog. Those who are fond of writing, blog. Phew.............Will anyone let this cornered, confused and an underprivileged graduate operating on a GPRS connection breathe?? Conquering all of them, I have finally made it here!
BTW, it feels good to be blogging. At least there's a sense of contentment that someone's listening to you! I would be using this to explore the unvisited corners of my hyperactive brain, which despite being a short and stout fellow desires to win the 'brainolympics' high jump gold medal!
Under the influence of a heavy, high-fat, indian meal; fighting with my afternoon sleep-a result of the one year long unemployment-I am leaving it here. All the best to me!