Sunday, May 03, 2009

kitty party

I generally have nothing to do these days...Citing this opportunity, my mother ordered me to organize a kitty party for her yesterday! Man, despite knowing that I am bad at practical handling of mechanical devices-irrelevant of the four years I learned to do that- I would have agreed for repairing my two-wheeler myself! But arranging a kitty party?? I hate myself for being nice to people all the time!
I had committed it. so I had to do it! They say that good managers focus on the larger issues, the key problems first. So, I tried to enlist them. In this case the main problem was to make ten aunties play some games peacefully! Woah! This meant that I will be a game designer as well. Pushpesh b, I outplayed you in this! So I designed a couple of them based on some blurred memories that I had of going into the parties with mom! The games had to be chosen taking into consideration all possible aunty ‘terms’ and at least half a dozen psychological ‘conditions’!
1. None of the aunties should feel insulted in case they don’t know any of the answers! Keep the questions moderate! (The first game was a GK quiz!)
2. No game should involve sharing of any prop. As the word written in bold letters isn’t in their dictionary!
3. The prize must be something that is useful in household chores and must be a cheap item so as to avoid envious looks within them!
4. There should be separate prizes for both the games. At least two of the aunties will go back blessing the organizers!
5. The games should be of short duration. The aunties should not start demanding for snacks half way!
6. The games should be such that the children accompanying their mothers shouldn’t be able to help them! (I had to choose the GK quiz in the end anyway!)
Phew!!! Lot of thinking, man!
Next was the choice of snacks. They had to be good, hot and in abundance! Mom extended all my estimations about the number of samosas and quantity of farsan needed to be served!
Actually if you take care of the second arrangement properly, aunties don’t care about the other things happening in the party!
Finally, everything was done with ease and my mother received some compliments. And I received a headache! To recover from the smiles that I had to fake for almost an hour, I listened to some Metallica!
When there was a tie between two aunties in the GK quiz, I gave both of them a mathematical question to solve! I was scared. What if none of them could do it?? But beacauseI kept it related to shopping and discounts, one of them got the answer correct and got the prize! All the aunties complained that they had lost touch with Math and other GK after they got married. Surprisingly, all of them could answer the mythology related questions I had kept because of mom’s recommendation. One of the aunties said, “Hamari line change ho gayi hai abhi! Ab yahi answers de payenge hum!” I laughed, but at the same time I felt sorry for them. Even I would be pissed off if I fail to answer a sports related question after some years in a party!
Well, my mother showered me with samosas and all the leftovers for a reward. I pray to the almighty that he keep away guys from year long unemployment and 'being-nice-all-the-time' syndromes!
By the way, at the end of the day (aha, some poetry!)
By the way, at the end of the day, it gave me a first hand experience of event management. The kitty party made up for all the event organizing opportunities that I missed or avoided in college!

God bless you, aunties! Muaah!!!

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