Friday, May 01, 2009

For Sowmya ma'am

People who know me say that it takes a cardiac arrest triggering news to wake me out of my sleep! I just don’t get moved by a place or thing or a person anymore! After all the analyses that my brain carries out, I zero down to a conclusion that nothing is impossible. And that people have a strong influence of their surroundings, friends, situations and education. And so I shouldn’t be impressed or feel inferior by unusual or brave acts. Despite all this trivial stuff that revolves my head, a few people cause a strong influence on my life and behavior. I never admit that I’m someone’s fan in front of the world like this. But today, I will definitely do that. This post is for one such person, Sowmya Nagarajan.
She is so special that I find all the words to describe her clichéd. She carries so much of gyaan and energy accompanied with her ‘exclusive exuberance’; I have almost forgotten that she was my English faculty at PT once! I know that there will be grammatical errors, a few dozen punctuation mistakes in this post and in all my posts, ma’am! But it’s not your fault! I never completed the grammar primer, or the language primer! I tried ‘my’ best though! :) God knows how I have made it to TISS!
Her best quality is her sense of humor. As far as I know the world, females can only ‘dream’ to be as humorous and whacky; men may give it a try! :) Mere college me aj tak koi aisi ladki kyun nahin ayi!!! She has raised the expectations I can have from a female!! Ma’am, you should actually ‘coach’ some girls under you, make them sowmya-like and then send them in different parts of the country to propagate sowmyaism! (In case you aren’t planning to get the art patented later:)) Bohot logo ka bhala ho jayega! Guys will worship your idols!
If someone wants to know how to stay happy, screw all the gurus! Go to sowmya nagarajan! Watch her, listen to her; she is better than all of them! There’s no wonder if some day I find her books becoming bestsellers!
I can keep on writing this as long as I wish to but I’m sure I am going to write some more of these for you, ma’am! Thank you for all the wisdom and help and motivation and what not; may you get your Francisco D'Anconia! I don’t know who he is, nahin to main baat karva deta:)!


  1. Hey shubham, all i can think of saying now is WOW!! I am totally thrilled!! I only had an inkling about how highly you thought about me.. but now I have the full idea. hehe. Thanks a ton!! :D It's my pleasure to have had someone who understood the full impact of my laughter-lines in class.. THANK YOU for some of the warmest words I've had directed towards me in life. Thanks a whole bunch!

  2. you deserve every bit of it, ma' are the only person i won't mind copying!

  3. dude
    i am rally facinated by this blog...

    i think i might join the band wagon very soon