Wednesday, May 06, 2009

pretty faces

i still wanna love pretty faces
atleast a few more
but don't wish to have feelings
permanent and sure

some of my tears are
for some other grief
i had enough of their pain
when i let them have all my cure!

i want to live for the 'me'
however lonely my heart may get
i'll get a crowd around this me
to make me things forget...

want to reclaim a few moments
want to look beyond my door
want to breathe some real air
want to make the best assured!

i'd been crawling a lot
my veins urge for a need to run
will find some other pursuit in life
than finding a lot of fun!

i don't have a plan to run away from love
don't think i'll run after it too
won't tell anyone here
all i need is you!

i still wanna love pretty faces
c'mon a few more
but won't have a feeling
permanent and sure...

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