Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From the diary

You come to Mumbai and you get to see all the dirtiest possible places at the first glance-Kids shitting out in the open, heaps of black smelly garbage overshadowing the reflected white light from the glassy skyscrapers, the sides of the local trains ‘naturally’ painted red by the tobacco lovers, advertisements of the desi aphrodisiacs and all the things that are oversufficient to fill you with disgust.
Despite all of that, the amazing speed of life at display, the vulnerability evident at every step you take here, the amount of inspiration that this city offers and the crowd it attracts ceaselessly, always makes me feel for Mumbai.
It is difficult to swallow the fact that I will belong to this place for at least the next two years. But one thing I'm sure about is, that I will find much more than is visible at the first glance from inside a train.


  1. dats mumbai for you, crazy as it may seem you will (hopefully !!) get used the dirt and grime and actaully fall in love with the place and once you do will truly see its worth....:)) until then happy exploring the various peculiar sights,sounds and smells of the city hope you do have an "insightful" journey all alng wishin u luck!

  2. i love the place already, carol. . .i have been here before. . .it's just that the fact that i would be spending the defining years of my life here, fascinates me!
    and as far as the dirt and the grime are concerned,i have eaten, drunk and slept in it!